Jaime Nyberg
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The Challenge

We were approached by an Australian wide organisation within the agriculture sector to help give some digital direction to their marketing strategy. They were having issues centralising and aligning their large volumes of customer data as the data was distributed across multiple spreadsheets and much of it was out of date. 

Our Work 

Our team analysed the customer data in order to assess the correct structure and build a custom CRM within Microsoft SharePoint that met the client's minimalist needs. This provided them with an easy way to access all customers and segment groups as needed without the need to host data in multiple sources.

We identified additional marketing channels including SMS and social media marketing and developed a strategy for growth, particularly focusing on SMS marketing.

The custom CRM also contained:

  • a task management schedule to manage their marketing promotions and ensure their deadlines were met in order to reach their customers in advance of their events.
  • a document management portal to share project documents across the team
  • and a group calendar to ensure all dates are communicated to staff


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Jaime Nyberg

Marketing Coordinator
Jaime Nyberg is the Marketing Coordinator at Digital First. She has recently completed her Masters degree in Marketing Communications, bringing to the team a keen interest in digital and social media marketing.