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SharePoint is a leading tool used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies to develop their online and offline capabilities. SharePoint is an industry leading platform for intranets, secure document management, collaboration, and much more.

At Digital First, we have some of Melbourne’s top SharePoint Consultants who have experience working with government, corporate and SME’s. We have created a refreshingly different model of service for our clients. Everything we do is geared towards ensuring they get the most out of the SharePoint platform with the right help, advice and support offered at each stage before moving onto the next.

SharePoint delivers content services as the foundational content platform for Office 365, with capabilities for creating, sharing, protecting, and reusing information. Going far beyond merely storing documents, SharePoint hosts digital content like pages, videos, images, designs, 3D, medical scans, and mark-up as well as traditional documents. SharePoint embodies ease of use with ease of management—on any device, for any user, at any location.

These innovations, along your business to transition to the cloud, which is a growing imperative for secure content collaboration and sharing, are driving growth across Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and OneDrive. More than 300,000 organizations now have SharePoint and OneDrive in Office 365, including 85 percent of the Fortune 500. Active users grew over 90 percent, and data stored in SharePoint Online grew over 250 percent in the last year alone.
Whether you are looking to migrate to the cloud or looking to enhance your existing cloud business infrastructure we are ready to help make your projects a reality.

We know that embarking on a SharePoint project for your business can be a daunting prospect. That’s why at Digital First we have proven methods of working that help our clients through each stage of the process. The experience we hold in delivering SharePoint intranets means that we can bring most of applications you need, including the training and change management material, pre-built, therefore eliminating the need to re-invent things that we know work.

Bringing your team together through collaboration

One of the key features of SharePoint is its ability to encourage collaboration within your team. You can create individual sites for business units or projects allowing for a centralised location for each aspect of your business. Staff can work from the same document using version control and collaborative editing to reduce the need for multiple document versions.

Managers can communicate the latest business information through news feeds and team alerts.

Managing processes across your business unit

With the use of the cloud you can create workflows for key business processes that can ensure you have control over important tasks and address them in a timely manner rather than letting your desk stack up with approval forms and documents that require review.

Remove monotonous tasks

Now you can automate that 80% of tasks that get repeated so that your business can focus on the 20% and deliver on more ambitious outcomes, improving your business operations as well as your product and service offerings for customers.

One source of truth for all your files

No longer will you have multiple versions of files, and struggle to workout which is the most up to date. Version control and collaborative editing allow you to share documents without the need to take multiple copies.

Create custom apps tailored to your needs

SharePoint provides you with the capability to design your own business apps that can deliver functionality specific to your needs through the use of clever data management, workflow and user interface design - making it easier for you to deliver an optimum strategy.

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