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Providing a single point of entry for all your business partners in Microsoft 365-Image
A common request from our clients is to enable their organisation to collaborate with other business partners and share key resources within their M365 tenant.

The explosion of Teams in 2020 has seen a huge increase in online collaboration, and more than ever, organisations need a solution that provides easy access to resources while ensuring security. Defining a business-to-business relationship within the context of cloud collaboration goes beyond purely business customers. There are various stakeholders across the entire organisation that you may wish to supply access to specific resources and areas for collaboration:
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Professional services (such as Accounting and Legal)
  • Sub-contractor
  • Alliance partners
For many professional services firms, having multiple clients with several projects each can often result in the separation of Teams and the use of other M365 applications, such as Planner and SharePoint. Larger projects, such as those for major infrastructure, may have alliances where the business-to-business relationship on a complex project has hundreds of stakeholders and ongoing changes in resource and access requirements.
Additionally, we must consider the changes in the lifecycle of a project and the perpetual need to add and remove users, which can put an unnecessary strain on IT resources.

Some of the challenges associated with the governance of B2B Collaboration include:
  • Being able to provide a single secure entry point for all external guests
  • Inviting external guests to security groups
  • Managing the access groups and ensuring that the relevant access is enabled
  • Constant changes to permissions and users accounts, which creates an increased IT overhead
  • Ensuring the lifecycle management of access and restricting access when it is no longer required
Digital First have recently added Valo Entrance to our range of product offerings, which provides a solution to these common problems, helping to create an employee-centric experience for both your users and that of your business partners.
Self Service Registration Page
Creating a smooth user experience and ensuring your brand is represented consistently is important. By providing your partners with the ability to register through a branded portal, you empower them to self-manage the sign-in process, thereby reducing internal administration for your IT Department.

Easily Managed Access Control Groups
Access Control Groups permit you to manage groups of users, which can be from one, or multiple organisations. A Group serves as the guidelines for the resources that each user can access.

Management by domain or user
For smaller Groups, it can be efficient to add individual named users, however for larger groups or instances when there is a high turnover of users requiring access, you can add organisational domains within the access groups. This is a powerful feature, as it means that any employee within that organisation can sign-up through your portal and will be supplied with access to the resources assigned to that specific Access Group.

Personal Landing Page for all resources
Whether your partner needs access to a SharePoint site, Planner, or a MS Team, it is important to supply a gateway to their resources when they login to your portal.

Collaborating with your business partners can be made a simple process using Valo Entrance. Create a user experience that is enjoyed by your external stakeholders, your IT Administrators and the whole of your organisation.

If you’d like to learn more, we are hosting a Webinar on 10th March 2021 with Valo and Microsoft to discuss the evolving word of B2B Collaboration. REGISTER HERE.

Fiona Stewart

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Fiona has a background in marketing and client services across multiple sectors in Ireland, United Kingdom and Australia. She is responsible for Marketing and Operations at Digital First, providing guidance on the strategic direction of our business and how we engage with our customers.