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Your business’ website is the most crucial digital touchpoint - it is the first thing that a customer will come across when researching your offerings. With 93% of purchase decisions starting out with a search engine, the market potential is endless with an appropriate site in place.  

If you don’t have a website that delivers a friendly user experience, or fails to follow effective SEO principles, then you are missing out on crucial business opportunities.  

If you feel as though you should hit the refresh button on your website, fill in our form and our team will be in contact soon. 

Need an uplift of your website?

Digital First do more than just development – we offer a comprehensive web development service including content creation and management. We believe this sets us apart, in that we can fully service all your needs from the back-end, to the final execution. 

Our development team are not only the best in the business at creating websites, but they understand how to future-proof solution, by making the back-end sleek and simplified, so that your Digital Managers are easily able to edit and refine site pages as needed.  

Our content team have worked on several projects that have refined their abilities to optimise content for brands, and resultantly have created tangible results and considerable ROI. All content remains in line with your organisation’s unique Style Guide and tone of voice.

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The team work on:

Site Design - Consistent branding is critical for your customers to understand who you are. Our team can create a site in line with your exact specifications.
Site Creation - Our developers utilise technology such as .NET Core, JavaScript and BootStrap to design a dynamic site experience your customers will never forget.
Enhance SEO - With customers rarely browsing past the first five search results on Google, our copy can help you work your way up the ladder and within the eye-span of potential customers.
Copywriting - Our content team love language. They can help you create an exciting brand story and unique tone of voice across all your site assets.
User Experience (UX) Design - We create a cohesive, enjoyable experience across every single touchpoint on your site, from the homepage to landing pages.
Content Roadmap - From research to creation, we know exactly how to implement a content strategy that aligns with your business strategy.
Customer Engagement - By working closely with stakeholders, our team can understand what customers seek from your brand, and how to differentiate yourself from competitors.